Welcome to Breathonics, tuning and restoring your wellbeing.

Here at Breathonics we live at the intersection of Music, Science and Technology. We empower passionate health and wellness consumers through mental fitness techniques that immediately improve the way we think and feel.

We have 2 core products across both Web2 & Web3 tech stacks.

Three phone floating in a cascading layout with Breathonics on their screen
Breathonic Full Logo
An iOS Exclusive Breathwork Experience

A fun, fast, and practical solution to those who are looking to manage their mental state but struggle to find the time, or don’t know how to begin. Breathonics modernizes the (traditional) practice of meditation and breathwork by incorporating the elements of music and technology into short and easy-to-follow breathing exercises with real time bio-metric feedback. We aim to make breathwork easy to learn and enjoyable to continue.

A Digital Collectible and Wellness Currency

Our goal with Project:BRX is to create awareness of mental fitness by building, story and IP and gamifying that story to make Breathwork quick to learn and enjoyable to continue. We will help you increase your wellbeing with the world's first blockchain gaming experience. This is a breathing revolution at a time when the world needs it most. Play along to earn credits which can be used to purchase music and digital collectibles.