Activate ‘Your’ Balance Today

We combine, Art, Science and Technology to give you the world’s most advance Breathing Workout pp. Download today and start your Breathing journey FREE.

We call it Breathonics™ - Enjoy a new genre of mental fitness training.


Breathwork goes High-Tech

Finding your balance requires a proactive approach. It doesn’t happen on its own. We’re here to power the go-getters who understand the importance of mental fitness, people who seek to optimize performance of the mind. Because healthy minds need workouts too.

Music + Breathwork = Magic

We have been developing evidence based workouts to help entrain the mind and improve the bio-mechanics of your respiratory system. Integrating the latest Psychoacoustics Research scientifically designed with Neuro-musicologists.

Reap the Benefits

The vagus nerve the key to your autonomic nervous system and the controller of your stress and anxiety levels.

Just like a muscle, we can train the Vagus Nerve through Breathwork and quality rest.
With practice, you can build a superhuman shield to stress and learn to switch off easily.

  • Relax Faster

    We can help you reduce your heart rate by 25% in under 5 minutes.

  • Sleep Easier

    Psycho-acoustic frequencies that will lull you into a sense of deep relaxation.

  • Get Energised

    Oxygen exercises designed to fuel the brain.

  • Boost Productivity

    Follow our training schedule and build your ability to dig deep when it counts.

  • Problem Solve

    Reboot your perspective with custom-made Breathwork plans.

  • Reduce Anxiety

    Build your body's natural relaxation mechanism.

The Data

Using CVT (Cardiac Vagal Tone) technology, It’s now possible to monitor the Vagus Nerve and it’s activity. This is the key to unlocking the body’s natural relaxation mechanism.

During our trials we were able to trigger the CVT level of an athlete in a normal human being just through Breathwork and rest.

  • Connect your data

    Connect you Apple HealthKit or Google Fit data to add your mindfulness minutes. Track your sleep logistics and our algorithm will do the rest.