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In an overstimulated world, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time or know where to start taking care of your mental state. Breathonics delivers a practical solution for everyone looking to manage their mental fitness through a fun and engaging format.

Breathing is the key bodily function we overlook every single day. Yet by focusing on our breath, it’s the single most accessible and proven way to immediately impact our physical state.

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The Breathing Protocols

8 proven breathing protocols…combined with the chillest music tracks, along with visual symbols to guide you through your breathing experience.

8 symbols as your secret training weapons. Accessible to you at any time, they have the power to change how you feel in an instant. Breathing, like any other muscle, can be trained. The more you train, the quality of your breathing improves leading to a better physical and mental state.

Power Up

power up box breathing protocol 4 inhale 4 hold 4 exhale 4 hold navy seals
power up double in breathing protocol double inhale and exhale
power up pump breathing protocol inhale exhale nose
power up mountain breathing protocol alternate nostril

Power Down

power down blanket breathing protocol 4 inhale 7 hold 8 exhale
power down out breathing protocol 4 inhale 6 exhale
power down long breathing protocol 5 inhale 10 exhale
power down triangle breathing protocol 4 inhale 4 hold 8 exhale

Tech and Health

As an Apple iOS exclusive experience, Breathonics packs 40+ science based breathing exercises, each delivered in just 5 to 10 minutes with modern, upbeat music. Integration with Apple Health allows Breathonics to deliver a personalized recommendation for you at the right time

Additional Features:

  • Real-time heart rate analysis (with Apple Watch)
  • Training programs delivered by Master Breathing Coaches
  • Tailored recommendations based your sleeping & heart rate data
  • Dashboard to track your Breathonics journey with key metrics
breathonics ios app screenshots apple watch, player, exercise description, heart rate reading, live biometrics
1 Graphic with 2 human figure left representing the nervous system, showing all the nerves path and the right representing the respiratory system showing the lungs

The Science of Breathing

The ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) is the network that controls our fight and flight response (Sympathetic) and our rest and digest system (Parasympathetic). This overall system is activated by the Vagus nerve.

Breathing exercises are scientifically proven to activate the Vagus Nerve in order to help the body relax so the brain reduces the body’s cortisol levels.

Breathonics is built upon these principles, to deliver easy-to-follow exercises that help users improve their wellbeing.

This is the foundation of BRX.


Music has the power to change the way we think and feel. That’s why we take music so seriously at Breathonics. It’s the backbone to our experience and something we can’t live without.

We combine modern contemporary music for energy, cadence, tempo and emotion. From Hip-Hop to Techno, we’ve built the 8 breathing exercises deliberately and with an outcome in mind. Having partnered with some of the best Psychoacoustic musicians in the industry we hope you enjoy the unique mix of mental fitness workout music.

breathonics app music based exercises

The Good Vibrations

As well as using contemporary music, Breathonics combines both Binaural Beats and audible frequencies designed to evoke and emotional response.

Integrated into the music is a formula that’s proven to impact the physiology of the user. Using music, science and technology, we create magical moments of rest and reflection.


32 - 100 Hz
An orange gamma wave

Heightened perception, learning, problem solving tasks and cognitive processing.


13 -32 HZ
A yellow beta wave

Awakeness, alert consciousness, thinking & excitement


8 - 13 Hz
A white alpha wave

Physically and mentally relaxed


4 - 8 Hz
Blue theta wave

Creativity, insight, deep states, dreams, deep meditation, reduced consciousness


0,5 - 4 Hz
A purple delta wave

Deep (dreamless) sleep. Loss of bodily awareness, repair

Behind the scenes

See how Breathonics helps...

breathonics app store reviews
Breathonics: Breathe Nap Sleep
breathonics 5 five star review best mental fitness breathing exercise app
4.8/5 • 531 RATINGS
5 Start Rating Img
RikiTikiTavi13., 09/25/2021
Big fan of breath work now

I’ve never really done specific breathwork, but after using a few 5 minute sessions, I definitely see (and feel) the value… I love the instruction and music used, super relaxing, and Ive found that using it even for 10-20 minutes in the middle of the day (I do it around 2pm) is hugely refreshing and gives me a lot more energy and a better perspective for the rest of the day. Also used it at night, and I have a much deeper sleep when I do (I also use Whoop as my fitness tracker and the hrv data improves when I use Breathonics before bed!)

5 Start Rating Img
starmat924, 01/16/2020
Quality content, fantastic tracks!

What made this app really stands out are the breathwork tracks! As a beginner to breathwork, I find the voice guidance to be very helpful. And the audio tracks are just wow… doesn’t feel like I’m doing a mindfulness practice at all. I just completed level 1, and currently really enjoying Power Up Tech Jump. I’m starting to build the habit of doing a Power Up session after lunch. Thank you Breathonics team!

5 Start Rating Img
stopits_eli, 01/11/2021
This is a must for daily Success!!!

This app is so useful after the first 30 minutes of using it I feel like my mind is clear ready to go focus is through the roof and it’s like having pre-work out! All jokes aside it’s a very good app and I highly recommend it to everybody I know.

5 Start Rating Img
sylvia1984me, 08/26/2021
Life changing product!

One of my favorite apps for meditations and breathtaking exercises. And. If you’re looking for something to help you to completely disconnect, relax, and release the day, this is it! 15 minutes on your Powermask and you will get the same result as after 1 hour meditation. Great technology, quality, worth every penny

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